Our Services

We will develop your condominium
to be a cozy place, well organized and create added value in the future.

– Control the entry – exit of the outsiders
– Traffic management inside and outside around the building.
– Surveillance and prevention measures
– Drills for emergency incidents


– Prepare a registration of property from the delivered work in the system.
– Preventive maintenance system of machinery
– The work plan of the day, month and year
– Energy saving plan
– Budgeting for annual maintenance
– Provide the annual building inspector
– Prepare a statistical record of utilities consumption, water supply, electricity and telephone.
– Check the fire protective equipment and provide fire evacuation drills.
– Prepare a supporting measure in case of emergency.

Management works

– Prepare the annual budget
– Collect revenues from utilities and the common areas management fee
– To accelerate overdue debt collection
– Prepare the accounting for expenditure including to control within the budget
– Prepare the monthly income statement
– Monitor the petty cash
– Financial planning of the condominium juristic office

General management works

– Regulations do residents
– Control services The storage of important documents
– The press release announcing the news
– Seasonal events (The resolution , co-owner and board).
– Service co-owners and residents.



Water and electrical services within the common areas of the projects, public lighting service sector in the project, such as lighting, electricity for water pump, swimming pool, the plants watering in different areas of the projects.



Garbage and sewage collection services entirely within the project to deliver to the Government garbage truck on a daily basis, including overseeing the condition of the central waste storage place to be clean, ready-to-use and reduce unpleasant odors by cleaning regularly.



Victory Management Services Co., Ltd., we offer the service for Solar Rooftop system maintenance that used within the residential place to enable the solar cell system can be worked out efficiently, with expert engineer team who are cognitive with Solar Rooftop systems well according to the engineering principle.

To determine the solar panel immediately, making steps to investigate and resolve problems faster. We provide on-site service at the installing location under the terms of the service contract, not included the service requested from the notification or problem monitoring per time. The details of services are as follows:

– Check the efficiency of solar cells
– Clean the solar panel
– Check cable connecting device
– Check the effectiveness of the inverter / Monitoring
– Check the structure and installation
– Check the electrical protection device (Circuit Breaker, lightning protection)
– Ground Testing (provide the service for once a year)
– Infrared Scan (provide the service for once a year)
– Prepare a maintenance report