Policy and Condition

Main Policy

As a small size condominium management with low income, the service charge fee is not high in order to support that certain condominium to be survived with no effect.

Secondary Policy

As part of the after-sales service, by providing a good management will maintain and increase the property value to customers.

1.Management works

  1. Prepare the annual budget
  2. Collect revenues from utilities and the common areas management fee
  3. To accelerate overdue debt collection
  4. Prepare the accounting for expenditure including to control within the budget
  5. Prepare the monthly income statement
  6. Monitor the petty cash
  7. Financial planning of the condominium juristic office

2.General management works

  1. Prepare the residential regulations
  2. The services control such as the decoration process, to request a sticker and to use the common areas, etc.
  3. The storage of important documents
  4. Announcing, publicizing the news & information
  5. To arrange events on festivals (based on the resolution of co-owners and the committee).
  6. Providing services to co-owners and residents.

3.Engineering and physical structure works

  1. 3.1 Prepare a registration of property from the delivered work in the system.
  2. Preventive maintenance system of machinery
  3. The work plan of the day, month and year
  4. Energy saving plan
  5. Budgeting for annual maintenance
  6. Provide the annual building inspector
  7. Prepare a statistical record of utilities consumption, water supply, electricity and telephone.
  8. 3.8 Check the fire protective equipment and provide the fire evacuation drills.
  9. 3.9 Prepare a supporting measure in case of emergency.

4.Purchasing / Procurement works

  1. Prepare a booklet of reliable suppliers list for goods or service with fair price, good quality and certified products.
  2. It is required to set the qualification and the medium price of each type of goods or services.
  3. Each time of purchasing / procurement it is required to have a comparison of price and specification of goods and services.

5.Services and community relation works

The Company’s policy on relations with customers and the community, by passing 4 CORE VALUES including TRUST / KNOWLEDGE SHARING / CUSTOMER CENTRIC / CSR which shall be considered as a main priority.

  1. To build a good relations with the residents.
  2. Set a team to be as a center team for coordinating different works.
  3. Prepare a handbook to introduce the regulations and public relations.
  4. Receive complaints and suggestions from residents. Give further advices and guidelines for a happy living together.

6.Accounting / Finance works

In the condominium management, the works related to accounting / finance and collecting different expenses to use as the cost spending within the condominium are considered as a priority of works. Therefore, it required the management in a concise way, while the company has set a standard system of RMS (Real Estate Management System) and Counter Service system to accommodate customers as well as has planned the accounting / finance works as follows:

  1. Setting the systems of accounting / finance and collecting the expenses of condominium and monitoring to be complied with the requirements.
  2. Prepare the standardize accounting / finance documents.
  3. Budgeting and the annual financial plan to achieve a balance.
  4. Prepare the financial statement and cash flow statement for publicizing.
  5. Provide the monthly and annual financial reports to notify the financial status of the condominium.
  6. Invoicing the common areas management fee for the co-owners.
  7. Follow up, accelerate to collect the different expenses / issue a reminding letter to settle the overdue bills.
  8. Issue the receipts, control about keeping the money and important documents of accounting / finance.
  9. Liaise with banks to acknowledge the financial movement of the condominium.
  10. Prepare documents for disbursement together with checking the accuracy.
  11. Prepare the annual documents for accounting / finance auditing by an authorized auditor, for presenting to the General Meeting to approve the certification.
  12. For the convenience of service users, the Company has provided the payment service via Counter Service system.

7.Security works

The Company has realized the safety of life and property of building, therefore has provided the security service both inside and outside the building throughout 24 hours a day, by setting the officers to stand by in the risky areas including the in – out areas of services also includes the friendly service and facilities providing and monitor the visitors seriously.

  1. Control the entry – exit of the outsiders
  2. Traffic management inside and outside around the building.
  3. Surveillance and prevention measures
  4. Drills for emergency incidents

8.Cleanliness works

Maintaining the cleanliness in the common areas both inside and outside the building including the surrounding areas is a crucial part, by considering the health and hygiene of the residents mainly.

  1. Determine the extent of the employee in operation.
  2. Prepare the work plan based on the yearly calendar.
  3. Control the operation according to the work plan.

9.Monitoring and service control works

In order for the operation to be in accordance with the defined plan, as well as to provide assistance, advice and solving the problems occur, the Company has provided a monitoring of the officers practice regularly by assigning KPI and performance evaluation as required, including the different contract parties companies.

10.Report works

For the co-owners to acknowledge the operating results of the management, the Company has prepared to present various reports on certain period, for example:

  1. Report of the administrative and operational result relating to the condominium.
  2. Report of financial status of monthly income statement.
  3. Report of outstanding expenses for each month.
  4. Report of various implementation results of the condominium.
  5. Minutes of meeting e.g. Annual General Meeting of co-owners / Committee meeting.

11.Meeting works

Service department of Juristic person work is responsible for arranging the various meetings and supports as follows:

  1. Annual General Meeting of the co-owners
  2. Extraordinary General Meeting
  3. Committee meeting
  4. Contract parties meeting
  5. Meeting of the administrative department of Juristic person work

12.Various activities works

Service department of Juristic person work is responsible for arranging the various meetings and supports as follows:

  1. Fire evacuation drills
  2. Building Inspection
  3. Religious ceremony of the building
  4. Employee Training
  5. Others